Our Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of the Trinidad and Tobago Association of Baltimore (T.TAB) is to promote the general welfare and advancement of persons with origins, heritage, or relatives from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

The objectives of T.TAB are:

-To provide assistance in matters pertaining to employment, housing, education, social services, immigration, and residence in the United States of America and within the scope of our available expertise.

- To communicate and share ideas, interests, skills, and talents for the realization of the purpose and objectives of the Association.

- To provide a forum whereby members can relate to one another socially.

- To promote a better understanding and appreciation of the various elements of Trinidad and Tobago culture among the other ethnic groups in the Baltimore area.

- To promote programs of a civic, social, and cultural nature which are designed to increase the aesthetic values of the community.

- To provide adequate representation for the Trinidad and Tobago community in the Baltimore area.

P.O. Box 1414
Baltimore, MD 21203-1414
Phone: 410-925-8876
email: ttabemail@ttab.net

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webmaster@ttab.net for any questions or comments about this site.